order digital painting | custom painting from photo

custom painting from photo

custom painting from photo

A common mistake when ordering a portray

be aware of not to take a picture of someone without their 

knowledge to order it to be painted.


 now days Many of us take hundreds of pictures of ourselves,

only a few of them are our favorites.

Order a painting from people’s favorite photos.

If you want the painting you give as a gift to last, order a painting

from that person’s favorite photo. 

When you order your friend’s favorite photo, that painting becomes valuable,

This will be a dream gift for your friend, no other gifts can replace it.

to surprise your friend do not choose a photo instead of your friend,

Because it may not be accepted

Is it acceptable to you? Photo you do not like, Be painted!

Definitely not.


Most painting order sites  paint the image you choose , but this is not professional.

Not every gesture and every photo is suitable for painting.

to create a beautiful painting, you have to see certain things in the photo.


To order a face painting, It is better to use photos that have

a good light reflection so that the painter can use this reflection and create a professional painting.

custom painting from photo

Do not use photos that have been retouched many times.

If you want to have a painting with beter details, the photo must be clear.

unsuitable photos or faces away from the camera lens are not appropriate.

If you do not have the right photo for painting or you do not have the right clothes,

do not worry at all.

Enough light during the day, near the window,

which reflects sunlight from one direction It touches your face,

takes a few pictures of your face with an acceptable

movement and do not worry about your cover A good drawing of that photo will appear

Eye lines in the photo should be clear, Lip lines in the photo should be clear,

If you have edited a photo, Do not touch the light and do not damage the dimensions.

If we take a good photo, We can make the changes you want.

We change the space, Hairstyle change,

clothes Change ,

But special painting with a lot of changes has its own price


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Order today 

If you can order a qualified painting today at this low price, do it now

The reason is the increase in the price of the dollar in our country,

The real price of our work is much higher.

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