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ehsan shaabani | احسان شعبانی

ehsan shaabani | احسان شعبانی


 ehsan shaabani In Persian : احسان شعبانی

An Iranian painter whose works have been

published by most Iranian celebrities on Instagram.

ehsan shaabani | احسان شعبانی


He was born in 1985 in Tehran.

As a child, he loved original Iranian singing and the art of painting.

For many years, he practiced painting without a teacher along with Iranian music and singing.

He proceeded Iranian singing professionally at Kamal Al-Molk Conservatory (Tajrish, Tehran).

بیوگرافی احسان شعبانی زادروز ۱۳ اوت ۱۹۸۵

Biography of Ehsan Shaabani, born on August 13, 1985

He graduated as a student in Tehran Culture and Art (Unit 11 Music)

Along with singing, he seriously painted, His efforts to reach higher levels in singing were unsuccessfulIn Iran, only rich people can be found in the field of music and acting at a high level of art.

He entered the job market and started working for a semi-private company.

 father was an imposed war veteran

ehsan shaabani’s  fathers got cerebral hemorrhage then,

He had to quit his job and take care of his father.

His fiance left him. After two years of nursing him,

His veteran father was martyred..

Hard days passed.

One of his country’s celebrities named Golshifteh Farahani
 introduced his art to the people of his country.


Francesco Totti thanked Ehsan Shaabani

ehsan shaabani | احسان شعبانی

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