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Digital painting websites

Digital painting websites

10 styles of the most popular modern paintings:

Painting is a great tool to decorate the living room, bed rooms, reception areas or any spaces.

Many modern paintings are popular because they make you think. 

In fact, many people care so much about modern paintings,
Under the subject of starting a conversation with guests or office customers.

These paintings can open the mind to a new view of the world wake th emotions .

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Not only are these paintings acclaimed for their beauty,

but some of them seem to be an investment that may offer

a very good repurchase price. Buyers of modern paintings

should know these 10 styles of the most popular modern paintings

and how to distinguish them from each other.

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Popular modern painting styles

Modern art was a reaction to the rigid styles of the old French institutions.

The emergence of modern styles began in the 1860s and continued until the 1970s.

This type of art refers to painting styles that reject realism and traditional methods.

Instead, experiment with different raw materials and styles.

Here are the popular styles that represent the modern art movement,

1.Abstract Art

Abstract art refers to painting styles that do not use visual realities as a reference for painting.

Instead, the artist deals with the subject matter and simplifies it.

Colors and shapes are used to express emotions and show the inner world of the artist.

A variety of  arts styles have emerged, including the following:

  • Abstract experssioniosm
  • Color field
  • Cubism
  • Lyrical abstraction

The choice of these styles depends on the taste of the person

as well as the environment in which the painting resides,

whether it is a bedroom, living room or office .





Surrealism is a modern style of painting that combines

a variety of images to create an amazing effect.

The images in this painting are often irrational

and have features like a dream! . Surrealist paintings care about the subconscious.

Popular surrealist painters include Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Valentino Hugo, and Juan Mirotine.

3. Conceptual art

Conceptual art is a style of modern art.

In this style, the artist believes that concepts (perceptions) are more important than the work of art itself.

Many concept artists believe that when they paint a work,

the work is complete. In fact, many conceptual arts are just a collection of guidelines.

Rarely can this type of art be seen as just a painting,

for example it often combines elements of sculpture and the art of arrangement.

Marcel Duchamp, Yoko Ono, Yves Klein and Robert Rashnberg are some of the prominent concept artists.


4. pop art

Folk art paintings were a reaction to the style of anticipation

that British artists in the mid-1950s believed was very different from the reality of everyday life.

Folk art revolves around world topics such as comic books,

commercials, celebrities, and other topics we encounter on a daily basis.

It was a return to realism in art. Leading artists in this field are Jasper Jones,

Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselman, Wayne Tybad.

5. Photographic realism

As the name implies, a photorealistic painting is a painting that looks like a real photograph.

This style is done by taking a photo of the subject (object) and then painting it.

Photorealism is an art movement influenced by the pop art style,

and is a reaction against expressionism.

Unlike visual and conceptual art,

photorealistic painting is done by an artist with advanced technical

ability to draw realistic images on canvas. Famous light artists include Glennie Tetour,

Robert Bechtel, Tom Blackwell, Dan Eddie and Cindy Wright.

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Extreme realism is a breakthrough in the photographic realism movement.

Artists use high-quality cameras to capture and shoot them on canvas.

Compared to photorealism, paintings of hyperrealism have exaggerated shadows and depict inanimate objects, although they do not normally have such a feature.

Hyperrealism emphasizes artificial surrealism.

Popular painters include Robert Bechtel, Richard Estes, Brett Monroe, Dan Hansen, and Charles Bell. 

7. Minimalism

Minimalism is an artistic movement, as its name suggests,

characterized by its simplicity. Minimalist paintings simplify painting subjects as much as the nature of the subject.

Instead of expressing much emotion, which is a sign of the expectant style of expressionism,

the art of minimalism paints only what the artist believes is necessary.

Famous artists in this style include Brent Newman, Casimir Malovich, Pete Mandarin, and Frank Stellas.

Digital painting websites

8. Futurism

Futurism is a style of painting that deals with topics such as technology, speed, violence, and the future of the world.

This style is related to the image of human domination over nature.

This movement praises originality. To recreate such emotional power on canvas,

futuristic painting adapts the Cubist style of painting.

Here, they show the subjects of the painting in the form of geometric shapes to show the mobility of the created work.

David Berleyuk, Aristotle Lentoloff, Fortunato Depro and Gerardo Dutori are the most well-known futurist artists.


Receiver is one of the first modern painting styles to emerge in Paris, France.

Its features are the multiplication of narrow pens and the emphasis on the presence of light in the image.

Receiving artists often paint open spaces to capture sunlight and the colors they want.

In the 1870s, Impressionist paintings were radical because they did not follow instructions.

Prominent painters in this style are Claude Manet, Pierre-Auguste Reno,

Camille Pissarro and Armand Julamine.

10. Favsm

Fauvism is an art movement that emerged shortly after Impressionism.
While Impressionism had a realistic representation of the subject of painting,
Fauvism’s paintings focused on the use of sharp and unconventional colors.
Artists of this style use aggressive pens and simplified shapes.
Popular painters in this genre include Andre Drein, Henry Matisse,
Charles Comvin, and Maurice Marinat. Digital painting websites

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