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Child portrait drawing

Child portrait drawing

painting baby pictures   professionally with very high elegance and printability

psychology of baby painting

All children express an inner feeling through painting.


we can understand their inner feelings and understand them,

by their drawings.

If your child likes to draw, they enjoys painting.


But if the child is forced to paint, they do not do it out of interest, Rather, they try to do so out of hatred.

Digital painting by Ehsan Shaabani Children’s painting

Do  children have  specific purposes for the sketch on paper?

In our opinion, it depends more on the age of the child.

If the child is vey little, paperwork is normal  and he tries to express his inner feelings through sketches.

But if the child does this at an older age, it is clear that they want to show their  hatred with the wrong drawing.

How can a painting show a person’s self-confidence?

If the child fills the entire page of their notebook or paper with

a drawing, it is clear that they have high self-confidence and feels his presence in public.

But if the child fills only one corner of the page, it is clear that they  have less confidence.

In children’s painting,

Distance and proximity of people is too important Because it has different meanings

Child portrait drawing

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Child portrait drawing



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